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A Firm That Believes In Second Chances

Over the course of my more than 25 years of practice, I have been a strong advocate for the good people of Noblesville and the surrounding communities. I know that oftentimes when my clients come to me, they do so because they have made a mistake, one that could leave them in serious trouble with the law.

But here at Ziliak Law Office, I do not believe that mistakes should define you for the rest of your life and everyone deserves a fair chance to defend their charges. For that reason, I offer my clients zealous representation in all matters of criminal defense.

To learn more about my background and experience, follow the link below:

An Attorney Who Looks Out For You First

I recognize that facing up against the legal system after a DUI arrest, theft charges or allegations of drug crimes can be overwhelming. But you do not have to do this alone. Get help protecting your rights, appealing a verdict or filing an expungement to erase a record today.

When you are in need of an attorney who can offer quality legal assistance and look after your best interest, do not hesitate to enlist my services.

An Advantage You Need

The consequences of a felony or misdemeanor in Indiana can affect more than just your reputation. With a criminal history, you may find it difficult to secure a job, housing or even lose your driving privileges.

By taking advantage of my deep understanding of the criminal justice system, you may be able to reduce or eliminate your charges. Start your defense on strong footings with my help today. Call 317-953-2644 to schedule a free consultation or send me an email using the online contact form.