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By their nature, sex offenses are extremely personal and emotional. They often involve only two people and hinge on one person’s word versus another’s. When there are questions of consent and claims of false allegations, the entire investigation can devolve into an emotionally charged clash of he said, she said, where nothing is clear.

At the Law Office of S. Neal Ziliak, I understand the delicate nature of dealing with sex offenses. While the court of public opinion may suggest otherwise, being charged with a sex crime does not mean being guilty of a sex crime. I remove the emotional intensity and do a calm, thorough investigation to get to the truth.

Sex Crime Penalties in Indiana

To say the penalties for sexual offenses in Indiana are life-changing may be an understatement. Penalties include not only prison time and steep fines but also have lasting effects on your family and freedom for the rest of your life. Penalties for a guilty verdict in a sex offense case may include:

  • Prison sentences that can run into the decades

  • Losing custody of your children

  • Fines up to $10,000

  • Registering as a sex offender for a minimum of 10 years up to the rest of your life

  • Harsh restrictions on where you can work or live

Being a registered sex offender can also affect immigration status and impact your right to carry a gun.

Don't let these charges ruin your life. Contact me today to start seeking a favorable outcome.

Building a Solid Defense

One of the keys to building a solid defense for sexual offense cases is to get started right away. You want your defense team to have as much time as possible to investigate physical evidence (if any exists) and to interview the friends, family, and acquaintances of both the accuser and the accused.

I make sure the jury hears your story as well as that of the accuser. Only an accusation is necessary to bring charges, but forensic evidence, witness statements, and digital records can be used to defend you. As an experienced lawyer, I use every resource available to protect your rights and defend you in court against criminal charges.

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