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How a traffic stop can lead to a DUI charge

Generally speaking, an Indiana police officer can make a traffic stop after observing almost any type of traffic violation. For instance, it might be valid to stop a vehicle if there is reason to believe that it is being operated by a driver who has a suspended...

Can drivers in Indiana refuse a breathalyzer?

Indiana refers to drunk driving as OWI, or operating while intoxicated, though many states call it DUI. Most all states have stiff penalties for drunk driving to keep the roads safer regardless of what they call it. Officers in Noblesville, IN, frequently check for...

What is required for forgery prosecution?

Forgery in Indiana is a common white-collar crime committed with the intent to commit theft or fraud. Many people have heard of someone who falsified a signature on a check or other financial document. While this represents one of the most common ways to commit...